November 28, 2022

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Although the Chinese Company has tried keeping its recent actions below the radar, yet a closed source has shared some information. It has been revealed that a Video Platform from China known as “BiliBili” is going for another stock listing. The firm has filed for confidentiality to keep its second listing a secret.

According to the source, the video platform has recently approached Hong Kong for its second listing in the stocks market. It has been confirmed that BiliBili already has its stocks listed on the NASDAQ index. The source has claimed that the company has made the deal with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange only a few days back.

The CNBC Network has also shared the reports of their findings related to the recent deal that took place between BiliBili and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It has been revealed that the listing was either going to take place towards the end of the last week or the beginning of this week.

As per analysts and stock trading experts, it has been speculated that going for the second listing may turn out to be very profitable for BiliBilil. The listing will eventually help the company raise more than $2 billion that it can invest in more development projects or enhancement of its services.

Although the information has been kept confidential by the video platform ‘BiliBili’, yet it is not something taboo or illegal in the stock markets. The companies that wish to go for a second listing can always make a deal with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange can help such companies to file confidentiality so they can list their shares through a secondary source.

There are many companies that have already done it and the majority of the time, companies do this so they do not end up taking a hit on their share prices. For the time being, the video platform ‘BiliBili’ has not gone public.

It has been confirmed that the price for the listing will be made available after a week of when the shares have been listed. As for now, the video platform ‘BiliBili’ is trying its best to keep it confidential and not make it public. Even the spokesperson for the BiliBili platform did not make any comments when asked about the recent listing rumors.

By making a deal with the HKEX, BiliBili has become the latest company that already has its stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange and has now approached the HKEX for the second. In the past 12 months, the companies that have made a deal with the HKEX for the second listing include NetEase, Alibaba, and

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