DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network.DeepOnion increase the level of privacy for crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network. With DeepOnion your anonymity is guaranteed, you can send and receive private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet.

Introducing DeepVault

DeepVault is a blockchain service that can exclusively register digital files on the DeepOnion blockchain. DeepVault can safeguard the integrity of your files and protect your documents. DeepVault can be easily used to register new innovations and intellectual properties as copyright evidence in the court of law. DeepVault browser plugins are also available in the Firefox and Google Chrome Store.


DeepOnion offers VoteCentral for the community, a remarkable blockchain-dependent voting platform to vote on the future development of DeepOnion. At VoteCentral anyone can contribute to evolving DeepOnion and all fulfilled contributions are rewarded accordingly.


DeepSend will take care of your Tx's, making them untraceable.

more info in whitepaper:

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