FIX Network

FIX Network will utilize and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure by defining and implementing a new blockchain-based security protocol. This architecture will enable mobile operators to provide a safe environment for protecting our identities and digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

The FIX Coin will be used to participate in the FIX Network, and enable access to the Decentralized Security Policy. Network participants, including mobile operators, will be able to host and operate nodes for the real-time and secure participation in the FIX Network blockchain, and will be rewarded with newly mined FIX Coins. The FIX Coins may also be used as a real-time, peer-to-peer IOU gross settlement asset between telecom operators. The Developer Fund will be used to provide the community bounties for development, network sustainability, community management, business development, marketing and on-boarding incentivization.

FIX Blockchain Technical Information

  • Token Type: Utility and Settlement Coin

  • Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Stake

  • Blockchain: Public

  • Protocol: Project Stages 1,2: PIVX, Stage 3: NEM’s Catapult *

  • Pre-mine: 500M FIX

  • Max Supply: 100B FIX

  • Linear Inflation to Max supply: 25 Years

  • Token Price: Not for sale

  • Masternode Reward: 80% (12176.56 FIX/Block)

  • Proof-of-Stake Reward: 10% (1522.07 FIX/Block)

  • Developer Fund: 10% (1522.07 FIX/Block)

  • Blocktime Target: 120 sec 

FIX Network
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