March 22, 2023

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After a number of security scares, the pioneer cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin may have become relatively more stable than before, but it has a long way to go before it can be completely stable. As opposed to fiat currencies, such as the US dollar, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not backed by the government and are not influenced by monetary policy either. This makes Bitcoin a lot more like gold because its value depends entirely on how much people are ready to pay for it and how much they believe in it.

Obviously, this leads to a great deal of uncertainty and volatility, and considering these characteristics, it would be smart for you to keep an eye on the value of Bitcoin. This is particularly true if you have already invested in the leading cryptocurrency and are now trying to make a profit from your investment. Here are some of the top websites you can use for tracking live Bitcoin exchange rates:

Bitcoin Wisdom

This particular website tracks the price of the top cryptocurrency on a number of notable exchanges, such as Coinbase, BTC-e, and Bitstamp. In addition, Bitcoin Wisdom also tracks Bitcoin’s price in relation to other digital currencies on exchanges, such as Bter and Cryptsy. It comes with a couple of settings that you can tweak, such as depth ranges and chart styles. The tracker gives you real-time updates and you also have the option of selecting the time interval for the main graph. This ranges from a minute to a week. You can also find mining calculators and difficulty charts for Bitcoin and Litecoin.


The Bitcoin price tracker you will find on CoinDesk has its own Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), which gives an average of the prices from three top Bitcoin exchanges, which are Bitstamp, Bitfinex and BTC-e. The graph can show either the price data from these three exchanges or the BPI. It also provides historical data from Mt Gox. You can find high and low as well as closing and opening price data on CoinDesk. As far as the time frame is concerned, it ranges from an hour to an ‘All’ setting that goes back as much as possible. A custom time frame can also be set.


This particular website tracks the price of the pioneer cryptocurrency across a number of different currencies and exchanges. As opposed to most trackers, Bitcoinity comes with a preference section where it is possible to customize your own experience. You are free to choose the precision of the price, the default theme, whether prices should be displayed in BTC or mBTC, and hide trades that fall below a certain amount. If you don’t like the default color scheme, you can choose a light-colored theme available. As far as the time range is concerned, you can choose from 10 minutes to around a 2-year historical view. As for the change graph, it ranges between a minute to an hour. You can also zoom in and out.


While this is not a dedicated price tracker, Coinbase still comes with a Charts view that tracks the price of Bitcoin. The charts on Coinbase track the price of Bitcoin in USD as well as the number of Bitcoin transactions conducted in a day. Moreover, it is one of the few websites that also tracks transaction volume, which could be of interest to some. Similar to other trackers, you have the option of choosing the time range of the graph from a single day to an ‘All’ option. A custom time range can also be selected.

Bitcoin Charts

Perhaps the most comprehensive Bitcoin price tracker nowadays is Bitcoin Charts, which tracks the price of the pioneer cryptocurrency in relation to a wide range of currencies. These include USD, GBP, JPY, EUR, and even Ripple. There are a few different chart types that you can find on Bitcoin Charts and these show technical indicators, such as rate of change and accumulation/distribution, and moving averages. As for the time range of the charts, they can be as short as one day and go as long as 8 years and there is also the ‘All Data’ option available.

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