March 22, 2023

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Social media giant Twitter’s well-known engineering expert “Jane Manchun Wong” stated that the platform is near introducing an exclusive feature called Coins. The service is in its final phase to facilitate the consumers.

With this feature, the consumers will be permitted to post some particular tweets by recompensing the internal token of Twitter with traditional currency.

Twitter to Release Coins Service with Payments via Stripe

The service will additionally be utilized to organize transfers via the online payment processing platform Stripe. Stripe enables payments as well as the rest of the transaction types in diverse countries across the globe.

The payments company jumped into supporting payments in crypto in 2022. Twitter assessed USDC payouts through Stripe for developers monetizing the content via social media forums.

As formerly mentioned in the reports, the social media giant pulled back from its move to introduce a crypto wallet after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk (the billionaire tech entrepreneur).

Recently, the social media firm also released an exclusive crypto service. This lets the clients search the top crypto tokens’ (including Ethereum and Bitcoin) price charts by merely typing the names or even the ticker symbols in Twitter’s search tab.

Apart from this feature’s accommodation, the traders will additionally be able to have real-time information regarding the crypto tokens. The social media forum has also started working on unique services to attract consumers in large numbers.

This has been witnessed after considerable criticism experienced by the platform because of the decisions taken by Elon Musk (the CEO of Twitter).

The news additionally asserts that the monetization project of Twitter is also going through its development stages, although a great number of employees have been fired by the firm. The operations of the social media company have been significantly impacted by the respective layoffs.

It appears that the people eager to have rewards from Twitter require waiting until earning a minimum of up to $50 value to redeem.

This is the minimum payout value for the people monetizing on the present Super Fellow service of Twitter. Nima Owji, a well-known app researcher and developer who first distributed the Twitter Coin leaks back in December, stated he additionally did not discover any signals that the awards and coin giveaways will constitute any crypto.

Nonetheless, Owji claimed that if the social media platform had a strategy to implement crypto assets, it would keep the information secret for now.

In the words of Owji, the social media firm does not provide any sensitive particulars regarding important things until they are prepared. As per him, if Twitter were to include it in the algorithm, it will have a strategy to launch it.

Dogecoin Sees Continuous Price Dips

On the other hand, the meme token named Dogecoin (DOGE) has gone through huge losses during the previous weeks. Interestingly, Elon Musk (the former proponent of Dogecoin) did not make a single tweet regarding the token for several weeks. In addition to this, the community of Dogecoin has been disappointed on different occasions.

In the first place, Twitter announced that the firm was abandoning its decision to make its separate crypto wallet. Apart from that the price-chart feature included Ethereum and Bitcoin but DOGE was not integrated by Twitter. Nevertheless, Billy Markus (the founder of Dogecoin) positively remarked on the leak by Wong.

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