March 22, 2023

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Brand Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple anticipates that the dispute between the SEC and Ripple will take some months to be settled. He expresses an optimistic outlook on the position of the crypto exchange in the case. As per him, the outcome of the lawsuit will be favorable for Ripple Labs.

Ripple’s Garlinghouse Says Legal Dispute with SEC Will Conclude by June

He stated that the verdict to be given by the court could be witnessed in June this year. He elaborated that both sides have completely briefed the arguments in front of the US District Court.

Garlinghouse mentioned that they expect the judge to give a decree on the case within the current year. However, he admitted that no one can control the time of the decision to be taken by the judge.

Nonetheless, the Ripple CEO pointed out that his viewpoint about the case is positive. In his words, the case will hopefully be completed within the next single-digit months. While the CEO and investors have confidence in the case of court, law, and facts.

According to him, they think that the decision will eventually be in their favor. Garlinghouse asserted that the performance of the SEC was embarrassing during the entire lawsuit.

He additionally argued that the company was deceived by the regulatory agency as it submitted a legal case. According to Garlinghouse, the crypto exchange attempted to meet with the regulator on 3 diverse occasions while pursuing regulatory clarity.

He added that the regulator did not declare even for 1 time that they consider XRP to be a security.

And in the end, they claimed that they saw XRP as a security all the time. The CEO is of the view that this is not a true collaboration between the private and public sectors. He disclosed that the respective lawsuit will have enormous implications for the whole crypto market.

He specified that the crypto exchange would only be able to settle the lawsuit if it was clarified that XRP (the native token of Ripple) does not come in the category of securities.

Nevertheless, Gary Gensler revealed that the securities regulator has declared nearly all the crypto assets as securities.

In this way, he does not think that there is any room for settlement between the two parties. Garlinghouse also drew attention to the possibility that the regulator should notice a few of the countries which are more friendly with crypto.

CEO Says SEC Should Look at Crypto-Friendly Countries Which Attempt Making Effective Regulation

As the CEO elaborated, these nations are joining together to make more beneficial regulations without suffocating innovation. He named the respective countries including the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs back in 2020’s December. It claimed in the filing that the crypto exchange illegitimately traded unregistered security in the form of XRP.

However, the accusation was declined by Ripple and the crypto exchange argued that it does not comprise an investment contract in line with the Howey test. Since the start of the legal dispute, both parties are continuously arguing but the decision of the case has been pending for more than 2 years now.

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