March 28, 2023

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Just recently, Apple went ahead and held its fanfare. This time, the lucky Apple enthusiasts were from Brooklyn who got the opportunity to watch Apple launch new products at the arena. The fanfare was reportedly held by Tim Cook, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple.

It was on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, when the fanfare had been held where Tim Cook introduces Apple fans to the new products. According to sources, the particular fanfare was held at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn. The recent fanfare held by Tim Cook was as splashier as the one he hosted back in September where the iPhone XR, XS Max, and XS were unveiled.

In the fanfare, Tim Cook announced that the iPad they are bringing in this time is going to be a new experience for the regular iPad users. He claimed that it is going to be for the first time since iPad’s launch that a huge change is being integrated into the iPad.

Cook announced that the new iPad is going to carry the flag that Apple has made its new iPhone versions hold in the past couple of years. Apple has been aiming to introduce products that are more appealing and adaptable among huge crowds. This is exactly what Apple is aiming to achieve with the launch of the new iPad. The company is now aiming to target more customers through its iPads, bringing in more revenue and profits.

Cook also unveiled some prominent apparel features of the new iPad stating that the new iPad Pro will be a lot thinner than the recent iPad. He revealed that the new iPad Pro would be 15% slimmer than the older iPad and in figures, it would be 5.9mm slimmer.

Cook confirmed that the new iPad won’t be having a jack for headphones nor it would have a home button. He revealed that in order to go back to the previous screens or options, the users would have to follow the on-screen spots to execute it.

The new iPad Pro is going to have rounded corners as well as an edge-to-edge display, meaning the screen is going to cover the entire front. This is something that Apple has already introduced through its latest iPhone models and is aiming to do the same with its iPads.

The CEO also confirmed that the new iPad would offer new features such as USB-C and Face ID. With the help of the USB-C port, the users would be able to connect their iPads with monitors that support up to 5K resolution.

This is one of the most prominent unveils that Apple’s CEO made on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. He unveiled that the new iPad would come in two different screen sizes; 11 inches and 12.0 inches. The 11-inch iPad would start from $799, while the latter’s price would start from $999.

In its earnings report for the second quarter of 2021, Apple had announced that it was expecting a significant rise in its stock price in Q3 2021. From the products Apple has unveiled, it is clear that Apple is currently on the right track for its estimated revenues and profits.

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