March 22, 2023

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FP Markets Review
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Trading on FP Markets’ MetaTrader platform provides traders with an excellent MetaTrader experience. Though the research and education options are limited, FP Markets responded with numerous commissions compared to the best brokers.

FP Markets Review

FP Markets logoForex brokers such as FP Markets have been governed by ASIC since 2005. FP Markets reviews will dive into how the company performs as a multi-asset trading platform for traders in 2022. To succeed in online trading, you need a dependable and capable broker. FP Markets, an Australian-based company, can vouch for the truth of this statement. It covers everything, from account registration and minimum deposits to fees. See if FP Markets is a good fit for you.

Education Resources

You need a thorough comprehension of the FP Markets platform as well as market dynamics to trade effectively with FP Markets. Utilize all education tools available to you inside and outside of FP Markets. The company offers educational resources. Educate yourself. Get to know the features of your trading platform. Learn how to make buy/sell trades, exploit the trading times of global markets, and most importantly, mitigate and manage investment risk.

FP Markets website

With FP Markets, you may want to adopt an analytical approach to trading. FP Markets has several platforms where you can learn more about the markets logically and methodically. Many people don’t have this skill-set, but this broker requires it.

Fees for FP Markets

CFD instruments are commission-based at FP Markets. Your broker may charge a commission fee through your brokerage account. Brokerage companies generate most of their revenue from commissions charged to traders. Prices can vary according to what kind of trading you do, what kind of financial assets you hold, and what level of trading account you have.

If the brokerage fulfills your order, cancels it, or modifies it on your behalf, a brokerage commission will be charged. Generally, your brokerage does not charge a commission if a market order is not filled. You should be aware that your brokerage may charge you a commission if you modify or cancel your order.

Customer Support at FP Markets

FP Markets customer support service

This review covered the effectiveness of the company’s trading platform problem resolution, customer service options, and response times as part of this review of FP Markets. FP Markets offers a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and more. The double AA rating of FP Markets support is due to its live chat and email support available in multiple languages.

Live Chat Support

FP Markets’ live chat worked successfully when tested. FP Markets responds within 30 seconds to live chat messages sent through their website and app. Multiple languages were used in numerous commissions to communicate with the FP Markets support., and FP Markets resolved any issues promptly and efficiently.

FP Markets offers email support

The response time to emails from FP Markets was excellent. In less than 15 minutes, FP Markets responded, and in 7 hours, it responded. You sent ten emails at varying times with FP Markets, and your response time may vary. It received timely responses. Overall, FP Markets has excellent email support.

FP Markets offers phone support

FP Markets responded quickly to their call. Within five minutes, they had responded to the phone. It resolves issues over the phone with FP Markets’ phone support. Calls in varying languages were made to the multilingual FP Markets team. They received prompt responses to its questions. The support was excellent.


There are different withdrawal fees applied by FP Markets depending on the option. Some have no fees, while others will impose a small markup as per the policy. Withdrawal options are comprehensive and include e-wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers.

Final thoughts

Forex traders can take advantage of competitive pricing with an ECN account from FP Markets. Although the Iress platform supports over 8,000 characters, they are segmented and have associated fees – unless you’re a heavy trader or maintain a high account balance. Trading on FP Markets’ MetaTrader platform provides traders with an excellent MetaTrader experience. Though the research and education options are limited, FP Markets responded with numerous commissions compared to the best brokers.

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