March 24, 2023

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Today, several companies demonstrated huge shifts in their share prices so we are going to discuss the companies that outperformed others in bullish as well as bearish demonstrations. These companies have managed to deliver either bearish runs or bullish runs in the stock exchange markets.

The first company on the list is Walt Disney that has reported 80 cents per share for the quarterly earnings. Disney has revealed that the quarterly earnings are much higher than the estimates that were 55 cents per share. This goes to show that the actual earnings of the company were much higher than the predictions made by the analysts. As people start re-visiting the theme parks in the United States after the liftings of lockdowns, Walt Disney has started recording high revenues.

In the pre-market trading for Friday, August 13, 2021, Walt Disney experienced a 5.5% rise in its share prices in the premarket trading.

The second company on the list is Airbnb that has reported a loss of 11 cents per share for the second quarter of 2021. According to Airbnb, the analysts had predicted that the company would suffer 47 cents per share loss for the particular quarter.

The company has reported that it is currently uncertain if it would be able to make a rebound on a permanent basis that it has been experiencing since the pandemic. As the company started observing an upward trend in business, the delta variant and the pandemic ended up causing problems again. As a result, the company has experienced a 2.8% drop in share prices for premarket trading.

The next company is 23andME that has reported promising results for revenue in the first quarter being a public company. The company has reported that compared to the last year, its revenue has increased 23%, bringing its revenue up to $59 million. Since sharing the revenue and earnings, 23andME has experienced a 2.1% rise in share prices.

The next company is DoorDash, which has reported 30 cents per share quarterly loss for the second quarter of 2021. According to the Wall Street analysts, the food delivery company was expected to incur 10 cents per share quarterly loss for the particular quarter.

Although DoorDash share prices experienced a drop, the revenue it generated was higher than what the analysts had predicted. DoorDash reported that compared to the former year, its revenue has experienced 70% growth. Since the sharing of the earnings report, the share prices for DoorDash have experienced a 4.2% drop.

The next company on the list is SoFi, which has reported a quarterly loss of 48 cents per share in the second quarter of 2021. However, the forecast made by the analysts for the second quarter for the share price loss was just 6 cents per share. Despite the share price loss, the company reported a generation of high revenues for the same quarter. Still, the stock prices for SoFi have experienced a 9.6% loss in premarket trading.

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