March 28, 2023

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As per the latest reports, Crocs has dropped an alarming piece of news on the entire stock market. It has done it by going after several major companies due to copyright issues. The reports suggest that Crocs has gone after companies such as Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and several other companies with the same allegation.

The reports suggest that Crocs has proceeded with filing several trademark infringement lawsuits against companies. The sources reveal that Crocs has filed four lawsuits, which means that there are several more companies apart from Hobby Lobby and Walmart it has filed the lawsuit against.

Crocs are one of the major shoemakers that is known for its iconic clog. However, it seems that the company is not happy because others have started copying its design and make.  Therefore, it has finally decided to go after the companies that have been openly copying its design as per the company.

The sources reveal that Crocs has filed lawsuits against 20 different companies. In every lawsuit, the shoemaker has alleged the companies of trademark violation of its products as well as other intellectual properties. The company has alleged these companies of violating the trademarks of the shoes that it has been selling for a long time.

The sources reveal that Crocs has filed a lawsuit against Loeffler Randall, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart at the US District Court of Colorado. In the lawsuit, Crocs has specifically alleged Walmart of its involvement in the manufacturing of Crocs knockoffs.

The shoemaker has alleged that Walmart is selling knock-offs of its iconic clogs that Crocs sells for $50. However, Walmart is selling knockoffs that are cheaper and it is selling them under different names such as “George” and “Time and Tru”.

In the same lawsuit filed by Crocs, it has alleged Hobby Lobby for selling a knockoff version of its Clogs. Hobby Lobby is reportedly selling the lady’s version of the white foam clogs that can be purchased from Hobby Lobby for just $12.

Crocs have alleged that the $12 Clogs it is selling are the knockoffs of the original shoes that it has made for ladies.

Furthermore, Crocs has also filed a lawsuit against Loeffler Randall for the Ezra Black Rubber Clog. The company has alleged that Loeffler Randall has fully copied its Clog shoes.

When approached for comments, neither of the major companies such as Loeffler Randal, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart preferred answering

While the majority of the companies are not listed on the stock markets, Walmart on the other hand has a different situation at hand.

So far, there is no reported impact on the stock prices for Walmart, but if Crocs wins the case against Walmart and other companies, then it is going to be different.

In case of Crocs turns victorious in the lawsuit, Walmart would end up taking a hit to its stocks.

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