March 22, 2023

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Following the recent bearish trend and losses in the cryptocurrency market, decentralized finance (DeFi) TVL has continued to drop slowly. The TVL that has soared up to $250 billion has lost almost all of its in the cryptocurrency market.

The bullish rally in the cryptocurrency market on the 18th of July seemed to scale up the finance value again. However, the rally ended after 24 hours, causing all cryptocurrencies’ prices to dip again. 

However, with the current outlook of the market, it seems the light at the end of the DeFi tunnel may be far away than expected. Its total value locked declined steeply, causing a huge loss to the decentralized application.

DeFi Total Locked Value Drops By $5 Billion 

The outgoing month, July, had been a very tricky and tacky period in the DeFi market. The market was pulled down by the bearish trend set in the cryptocurrency market that pulled down giant cryptocurrencies, tokens, and coins.

The total market value was worth $72 billion at the beginning of July, soaring to $88 billion in the middle of the month. This price bull and astronomical gains were attributed to the rebound in the market price of giant cryptocurrencies like; Ethereum and Bitcoin.

After the reclamation in the Defi value, investors, buyers, and crypto enthusiasts began to see potential in the token. The DeFi space recorded high buying pressure and trading volumes on its network.

Defi value kept fluctuating, moving with the cryptocurrency market with relatively bull movement and momentum. However, the value momentum hit the rock this weekend and declined steeply. 

During the middle of July, when the DeFi TVL rose to $88 billion, the market price for Ethereum also when above $1.6k. However, when the bull rally ended, it began to decline.

A 24-hour analysis from the DeFi market shows that the total value is down by approximately 6%. This drop and downtrend have also affected several cryptocurrency networks; the ETH price dropped by approximately 5%.

Tokens Not Faring Well, Steep Decline In Price

The decentralized finance market is not only feeling the bear heat in the crypto markets. The drop recorded in the DeFi markets resulted from the decline in its tokens.

For the past few days, the market began to decline slowly until a hard dip hit the market today. According to crypto experts and predictions, the giant cryptocurrency Ethereum is a significant determinant pulling the market value.

During the rally, the tokens were beneficiaries, following the lead of the significant crypto market determinants; ETH and BTC. Some of the tokens recorded up to 10% – 20% increase in the market prices.

However, immediately after the rally stopped, the price decline that hit the token prices was as much as the increase. Cryptocurrencies like; SOL, SHIB, and MATIC have retraced, making high losses in the past 24 hours, up to 15% – 20%.

For the past few days, the DeFi token has been dropping so much that the ETH  price has been daring well.

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