December 5, 2022

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As per the recent reports, a very alarming revelation has been made by the UK government that concerns Tesco. The Government of the United Kingdom has revealed that Tesco has been involved in underpaying the majority of its workers. Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom and has been serving British citizens since 1919.

The Government of the United Kingdom has revealed that Tesco has been underpaying more than 80,000 of its employees. The UK Government has not only highlighted Tesco but many other companies for underpaying their companies. Therefore, it has shamed all the companies including Tesco for discriminately treating their workers.

The UK Government has revealed that there are more than 139 companies that have underpaid their workers. In total, the companies have failed to pay around £6.7 million to thousands of workers that are employed in either of the firms. At the time of publishing, the £6.7 million figure translates to $9.1 million in total.

The UK Government has confirmed that the records it has pulled and studied the data are from between 2016 and 2018.

At present, the minimum wage that workers over the age of 25 are eligible for is £8.72 in the United Kingdom.

Being the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, Tesco (TSCDF) has more than 3,700 branches all across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Apart from the United Kingdom and Ireland, Tesco has a total of 7,000 stores/branches all over the world.

The Government of the United Kingdom has revealed that Tesco has turned out to be the worst-case for underpaying their workers. It has been revealed that the Tesco chain is the worst offender that is responsible for underpaying its workers.

It has been revealed that Tesco has failed to pay the minimum wage to 78,199 of its workers. It has been revealed that as a result, the Tesco chain now owes more than £5 million in total to all the workers.

When approached by the media sources, the Tesco officials stated that they are extremely disappointed about the recent revelation made by the UK Government. They feel ashamed that being the top supermarket chain in the UK and Ireland, it has been included in this list.

The officials revealed that they had indeed identified that many of their employees were underpaid back in 2017. However, made sure to report that incident to the UK Government and compensated its employees for that.

The officials claimed that the incident faced in 2017 was due to some technical issues. Due to the fault, the system failed to pick the National Minimum Wage for some of the workers.

As a result of the recent revelation, Tesco officials have publicly apologized to their workers as well as the UK government for failing to find it out on their own.

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